benecin DEFENSE is a full-spectrum black & white garlic supplement loaded with stabilized ALLICIN!

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benecin DEFENSE combines both white & black garlic to create a blend that is not only rich in stabilized allicin but also high in SAC (S-Allyl Cysteine) & polyphenols.

Allicin is garlic's natural defense to infection

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What's stabilized allicin?

Medicinal history of garlic


Black garlic is a potent source of SAC and polyphenols


Other garlic products contain little to no STABILIZED allicin

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Chart comparing the benefits of benecin defence against so called stabilized allicin supplements, aged garlic supplements, garlic oil, and crushed garlic. Only benecin has 100% bioactive stabilized allicin that won't break down in the stomach.

Only benecin DEFENSE combines the power of white & black garlic

benecin DEFENSE provides consumers with the full spectrum of garlic's benefits not possible to achieve through natural consumption. All in a convenient vegan capsule containing 10X the stabilized allicin found in professional brands.

benecin DEFENSE 60s

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benecin DEFENSE 90s

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Vegan & NON GMO

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Working 60-80 hours a week is very demanding on my body. In addition to this, my job is how I survive, so time missed due to being sick is costing me a lot. With that being said, this is a supplement that helps keep me in the game longer. So if your tired of missing work because your sick, you definitely want to jump on the train with Benecin.

Cornelius B. - Amazon Review

5 Stars! Very Potent. Helps to bring down blood pressure Naturally

Horace R. - Amazon review

I’ve bought Benicin a few times now and it’s very helpful when I start feeling a cold coming up. After I take them for a few days I feel completely back to normal after a 2 days. I also take it with me when I travel (I travel a lot) and take them consistently throughout to make sure I don’t catch anything while I’m out of town. So far so good!

Sergio T. - Amazon Review

Felt that I was possibly getting ill twice now, both times this product worked for me.

Robert H. - Amazon Review

I work at live events and around a lot of people. I take this after every event and never get sick. I used to get sick after these events but I haven't gotten ever since taken these. Amazing product!

E - Amazon Review

benecinpro DEFENSE

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