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benecinpro DEFENSE
is our product for professionals with double the active ingredients of: Stabilized allicin, SAC and Polyphenols.

benecinpro DEFENSE contains 3,000 mcg of stabilized allicin per capsule. That's 20x the stabilized allicin in leading professional brands.


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About Emerson Ecologics. Since 1980, Emerson Ecologics, LLC has grown to be the trusted partner to nearly 50,000 integrative health practitioners. Over 40 years of experience and expertise have fueled Emerson Ecologics' innovative Wellevate® Connected Care platform. This dynamic suite of digital tools is designed to help seamlessly connect healthcare providers with their patients and clients. Wellevate in conjunction with Emerson Ecologics’ wholesale offerings work together to create the complete omnichannel dispensing solution for the entire wellness journey. For more information, visit