Why is benecin better than other garlic products?

A powerful garlic supplement should contain a high volume of allicin. The production of allicin requires two garlic components – alliin and the enzyme allinase. When fresh garlic is cut or crushed, these 2 released components will form allicin.

It is difficult for allicin to form in the body from non-stabilized dried garlic powder and that affects bioavailability.

 Alliin + Alliinase = Allicin

benecin DEFENSE is a revolutionary, all-natural supplement produced through a patented process of extracting allicin from heads of garlic. It contains 100% allicin ready for absorption by your body, which means it is a stronger product compared to others.

Commonly known garlic supplements made with garlic oil, aged garlic extract or garlic powders do not contain allicin. Allicin still needs to be formed in the stomach after consumption of these products. This however, cannot happen because alliinase will be destroyed in the acid environment of the stomach. Several clinical studies showed that these common garlic products do not even reach a fraction of the claimed allicin amount of 0.6% - 1%.

On top of bioavailable stabilized allicin and its breakdown products, benecin DEFENSE also contains black aged garlic which provides S-Allyl Cysteine (SAC) and polyphenols. Both compounds are strong anti-oxidative agents that help to maintain a healthy immune and heart function, which adds to the efficacy of this product.

What is Stabilized Allicin and how is it different from Standardized?

benecin DEFENSE is the result of a patented process, and is produced in a GMP & FDA certified facility, with high quality measures in place to deliver a premium quality product, at all times. 

As for the active ingredient Xaludicin®, very carefully selected garlic bulbs are grown in specific areas and weather conditions to optimize the yield of Allicin and the full spectrum of the garlic’s bio-active compounds. These garlic bulbs go through a proprietary method of processing, coupled with stringent quality control to ensure the standardization of the bio-actives and meeting all its specifications. 

With stabilized Allicin encapsulated within benecin DEFENSE there is no better garlic supplement for bioavailability and efficacy!

When other garlic products say they are standardized it merely means they have consistent active ingredients – when rehydrated with water in a testing environment. Allicin still needs to be formed in the stomach after consumption. The powder gets re-hydrated in the stomach, allowing for the reaction between the Alliin and the Alliinase – unfortunately during that process alliinase gets destroyed in the acid environment of the stomach, significantly reducing the allicin delivered to the bloodstream.

Stabilized allicin is the Gold Standard of allicin products.

Does benecin have a strong garlic smell?

No, during the extraction and drying process we also deodorize. You will smell a mild garlic odor when opening the bottle but you will not experience garlic breath after taking benecin.

Does benecin have any genetically modified ingredients?

Benecin DEFENSE is NON-GMO project certified to contain no genetically modified ingredients. 

I’m taking medication. Can I take benecin?

Always consult with a healthcare professional before taking any natural supplement products to ensure it is right for you. Take note of the dosage directions and check the list of ingredients.

Is benecin suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, this product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The capsule is a Vegcap which contains no animal products.

I’m diabetic, does benecin contain maltodextrin?

No, benecin does not have maltodextrin added to it. This product is suitable for people with diabetes, on a keto diet, low sugar diets etc.

Where is the garlic sourced from?

Our garlic is held to British standards but is sourced from a Chinese supplier. There are many controls in place for the garlic used to make the Xaludicin powder in benecin, our supplier has various 3rd party certifications: GMP (Good manufacturing Practice), Food Safety, British Retail Consortium Safety Standards and more. Our garlic supplier has their own plantation and receives regular personal visits from our Quality Control team for inspection - the garlic is sourced from selected varieties to produce a standard yield. Our lab works very closely with the suppliers and has a stringent supplier qualification process that matches their own ISO certified standards.

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